Podcast Results!

For Digital Media & Society we had to record a 5 minute podcast on a subject of our choosing; I chose Serious Games. I received 72% overall (includes transcript, recording and referencing). I have posted the podcast here: https://brendanbostock.wordpress.com/results/podcast-serious-games/. Have a listen and enjoy! Advertisements

Sinatra the Siamese

As cute as he may be, our Siamese kitten keeps pooping on the carpet. We have two kitty litter trays in the house, and he always seems to prefer the carpet. The kitty litters are always relatively clean so I don’t know what his problem is, marking his territory perhaps? We’ll see how it likes…


I have added new pages that include more information about yours truly. Results page I will add results from assignments that I have completed at Bond University. Super Nudist page Information, links and media about my solo band. The Bostocks Information and media about the band I was in with my brother and sisters.