Super Nudist Flashback!

7 years ago Super Nudist played their first live show. Venue was the Hard Rock Cafe in Surfers Paradise – I am not even sure if they have original bands perform there anymore.

Super Nudist Live at Hard Rock Cafe 2008

Super Nudist live at the Hard Rock Cafe, Surfers Paradise


2 thoughts on “Super Nudist Flashback!

  1. They have an open mic night every Thursday that’s worth seeing. Unfortunately, very few other venues cater to original bands due to Queensland liquor liscencing laws.

    • There are a few open nights I want to check out, didn’t know Hard Rock had one but will have to look into it… I’m keen in checking out other open mic venues, I hear there is a decent one in Burleigh. I actually have an acoustic gig at The Loft on August 22, so come along and tell your friends! The liquor laws have been making things tough for original bands; hopefully the cultural precinct can offer some greater opportunity for musicians.

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